It is easy to sit in critique of the Electoral College in the US. Cause it seems pretty crazy. But the Electoral College is a symptom not the cause of perceived unfairness of the system. So in order to fix it the powers that be have to do more than abolish the college. Firstly, they would have to not only abolish the concept of the college but also the fact that the president is chosen state by state and instead treat America like one big constituency in order to always ensure that the person who has the most votes wins. If you win a state with a huge population but lose multiple states with smaller populations, based on that system you will still lose the presidency, because it is about the candidate who won the popular vote in the most states … not the one who won the popular vote in the US overall. Seems crazy, right. And it is possible because the numbers of the population are not equally distributed within the states/counties. So maybe they should reconsider that. I doubt it will happen especially under the political party that has benefitted the most from the system as it is.

However, I urge Bajans to remember when we critique that system to keep in mind that our own constituency boundary set up basically means we have the same potential to elect an unpopular/unwise politician/party to govern us due to the process of gerrymandering that occur to favour the most aggressive political party. Remember when the constituencies were increased to 30 and boundary lines changed. That was all to ensure that the political party in charge could get the popular vote for most constituencies by manipulating their layouts. Is it unfair? Maybe. Undemocratic? Possibly. That is not really my point. My point is don’t get gripped in fear and let that fear cause you to unwisely or shallowly argue a point — centuries of fear mongering is why there is a man who overtly reflected the fears and views of bigoted people ruling the US from January, why #Brexit happened and why electorates continue to vote in such seemingly detrimental ways. Call for change, agitate globally and locally. But do it wisely and by, in your personal spaces and spheres of influence, breaking the tradition of fear that causes racism, sexism, homophobia and all other isms and schisms to create the triggering societies we live in the world over.

Also, charity begins at home. I hope no one vex with the donald trump election in Barbados voted for the DLP in 2008 based on the ‘we gone get our jobs back from these illegal Caribbean nationals’ platform and supported the months David Thompson spent after being prime minister plotting how to reorganise immigration #Justsaying. This result has caused me to reflect on many things to keep me from letting the fear of the results trigger anxiety and depression such as what I experienced after #Brexit. And I am still figuring it out in my head, but I see a lot of talk about the Electoral College and it isn’t the people of the US that choose the president etc and thought I would share how I feel it is similar to our own constituency set up. Now when I think of why the Electoral College was created it has on these 5 occasions facilitated the same problem it was designed to fix. And if we want to say it is not the people who choose the president — is it even these 500+ individuals?

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