Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper: Far From the Shallow

Anyone who’s seen Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper together can’t help but notice the intensity of their connection. Passion blazed believably through their film “A Star Is Born.” It’s continued to ignite as they’ve teamed on stage, from his surprise appearance on her Las Vegas show to their performance during the Academy Awards of “Shallow,” which approached the fireworks their duet shot off in the film

What’s going on here? Astrology has some answers. A comparison of their astrology charts reveals this connection is no act. It is real.

Let’s start by looking at them individually.

Cooper’s Chart
Cooper’s chart reveals a (mostly) solid presence, with the Sun (core personality), Mercury (communication style) and Venus (love, money, creativity) in steady, hard-working Capricorn, and the Moon in peacemaker Libra. They’re in a bit of an argument that keeps him from getting stuck and spurs keeping on — working, striving, creating.

Fieriness is also in the mix, thanks to a convergence in adventurous Sagittarius: his internal engine, drive and motivator, shown by Mars; the path he came to explore, shown by the North Node; and the planet of illusion and film, Neptune, sitting right on his Sagittarius ascendant. Credit this link for his renown as cinematic heartthrob, and also credibility portraying both an action hero and a country star.

Lady Gaga’s Chart
Fire leaps off Lady Gaga’s chart. She’s a bold, self-starting trailblazer, with the Sun (core personality), Venus (love, money & creativity) and the North Node (path of destiny) in brash, impulsive Aries. Traits like these made her slugging a cop in a bar, as her character did in “A Star Is Born,” perfectly believable.

Her Aries placements fuel planets in Sagittarius. Taskmaster Saturn is in a close link to her Sun that grounds self-expression in structure and hard work. Iconoclast, innovative Uranus is in an equally close current to Venus, adding to her pioneering qualities, knack for reinventing herself (from meat suit to American songbook duets with Tony Bennett) and alignment with non-traditional orientations.

More stabilizing and stick-to-it-tiveness come from Mars (drive) and Neptune (illusion and artistry) in earthy Capricorn. This teamwork pushes for creativity to come out of the clouds and into physical reality. It also underscores a predisposition to work, hard, doggedly.

And there are depths within depths. The Moon, her emotional driver, is not only in Scorpio, but conjunct that sign’s ruler Pluto, the lord of death and rebirth. The duo brings intensity, sensitivity, unfathomable pain, personal power, charisma bordering on magnetism and a phoenix-like ability to survive and regenerate. When she howls from the depths of her being in the first chorus of “Shallow.” she’s unleashing the primal force of this pair.

Note: there is no publicly known reliable birth time for Lady Gaga, so her rising sign and house placements are a guess. Astrodatabank has calculated a chart based on a Tweet her social media staff posted during a birthday celebration, which gives a Capricorn ascendant. This would be in keeping with the seriousness of her demeanor and persona. While her chameleon-like appearance is consistent with a Gemini ascendant (which would be the case with the other birth time floating around for her, 9:53 AM), she doesn’t display the humor and lightheartedness normally associated with that rising sign.

Speculative birth time based on Tweet during birthday party

The Two Charts Together
Combine the two and BAM! Fireworks, passion and a real connection.

Fireworks fly off the effortless flow of a trine between his Mars (drive, sexuality) in Sagittarius and her Venus (love, creativity) in Aries. They fuel each other, just by being in each other’s presence.

She enlivens, frees and even radicalizes him, with her Uranus on his Mars. (Exhibit A: he has expanded from leading man to songwriter and singer.)

His Uranus, in contrast, is on her Moon/Pluto conjunction. He’s a catalyst, unleashing geysers from those depths and possibly destabilizing or blowing up situations that had brought emotional security for her.

This firepower is controlled, though. Her Mars and his Venus are in the same sign, goal-oriented Capricorn, so they can channel their fertile creativity toward a mutually desired end (not to mention a bankable one.)

This fire is not likely to burn out; it’s got staying power. Her Saturn is on his North Node, which is a signature for karmic connection, for those who believe in such. It’s also glue. This connection is not going away.

Going away might not be humanly possible. They have a link with the hold of a tractor beam. His Pluto opposes her Sun. You see this when her gaze is fixed on him. Something primal, instinctive, cellular pulls them together and lends depth to the chemistry of the fire coursing between them.

It makes for unspoken understanding, instinctively grasping the other. It might also make for power struggles, although another factor argues against that: Their communication is sensitive, likely sweet and kind (she speaks adoringly of him), and probably heavy on the telepathic, with his Jupiter (expansion and good fortune) in dreamy Pisces on top of her Mercury (communication) / Jupiter conjunction.

No coincidence, this stretch of the zodiac has been enjoying a boost from dreamweaver Neptune since “A Star Is Born” was released, increasing both performers’ visibility and allure. The stretch is getting a power- up this year as well, through early fall, from Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The good fortune will only continue when Jupiter moves into Capricorn at the end of the year and brings increased bounty as the cosmic benefactor moves across Gaga’s Mars and Neptune and Cooper’s Sun, Venus and North Node. Next year will bring milestones for both of them, but keep a special eye on Cooper. He’s on a two-year trajectory to achievement, which started with a solar eclipse on his 2019 birthday that rebooted and upgraded his earning power and hierarchy of values. He may dramatically hit his stride when Jupiter reaches his North Node late in 2020.

And his chart provides an argument for the Tweet-based time for Lady Gaga’s birth chart. A 2 AM birth time puts Cooper’s sun exactly on her ascendant. This is a phenomenal sign of compatibility. It would mean that the way Lady Gaga shows herself to the world lines up with, and possibly draws out, Cooper’s personality.

Watch this space!

For astrology mavens, here are their chart overlays:

Lady Gaga’s chart around Bradley Cooper’s chart. Note how she energizes his dreams and wishes (11th house), identity and expression of himself (1st house), artistic communication (3rd house) and quest for security (4th house). She may feel like family, with that last bit. And with her North Node in his house of creativity and romance, well, they’re meant to create together.
Bradley Cooper’s chart around Lady Gaga’s. if this time is right, look at how her lights up her dreams and wishes (11th house), identity (1st house), earnings and self-worth (2nd house), and spread in the media (9th house). Also with the South Node in the 5th house of romance and creative self-expression, you might say they’ve known each other before. Maybe been romantic partners before.

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