Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

I could agree with you.. right up until you hit the point where you decided we should let illegal aliens across the border… all these “unaccompanied minors.” That comment showed a lack of knowledge that frankly didn’t connect with the rest of your blog.

Do a little homework about those “unaccompanied minors.” I watched them flooding in… most of them NOT children, and many of them gang members. NONE of them were accidental, all of them part of a deliberate program to weaken America.

Really, to try and pretend that not wanting to bankrupt your own nation in order to be pro-life is ludicrous. You must truly believe that money goes on trees. Shocker — it doesn’t. It is BORROWED from a private bank called The Federal Reserve. When the US needs money, they ask for a loan. The Federal Reserve prints some money, and “lends” it to us. Every cent is paid back WITH INTEREST. Every illegal alien that we shelter and feed bankrupts us more and more… every person born n America is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt AT THEIR BIRTH.

So it may sound noble to think you can feed the world.. all those “unaccompanied minors” but frankly you STEAL from your children and grandchildren to do so. You steal from your neighbor to do so.

No one can spend money they don’t have before there is an eventual collapse. Try it with your own finances, and see what happens. Not only will those unaccompanied minors be hungry… but your and your own children will be. There will be no one to help.

Helping others has to be a PERSONAL event. Do what YOU can do… such as being a foster mother. You should not expect to run faster than you have strength, and this is financially true for any nation.