Yes, Gloria Allred takes a lot of sexual harassment cases.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

I am not gullible nor swallowed any bill of goods…but I THINK for myself and do MY homework…NONE of the women who accuse mostly republican men during elections are ever heard from again…they are paraded around like victims of alleged sexual harassment, and then when the election is over..they disappear…I have been working for over 30 years and have had my share of sexual advances..beginnng at the age of 18….but I learned to handle it and went on. Women nowadays are making ridiculous accusations that really do not amount to sexual harassment compared to what women I know have dealt with. It seems these young women are in it to gain something…and Bloom and Alred are there to get their share…perhaps it is YOU who has swallowed the bill of goods that was sold to you by Bloom and Alred…

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