You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Well I am super grateful for the women in history that helped give women the chance to accomplish what they wanted. I do what I can to make sure their efforts weren’t in vain. But I don’t agree with this march. Most of your points have nothing to do with the government but with society itself. I feel zero oppression from the government thanks to the women in our history.

This is ridiculous: “You still have to pay taxes for your basic sanitary needs.” I have to pay taxes on my basic human needs like food. Seriously, stop with this.

We get so worked up about equal pay but honestly, how many women are still in charge of the household responsibilities? Many and that takes time away from work and puts work/career in the backseat (and again this is at a society level and not a government issue). So yes, when you look at numbers it makes sense that women tend to make less and why most women are not CEO of companies. But if you’re not happy with your pay, renegotiate it. You want to be CEO, give up your other life responsibilities and make work your life. If your march is to make laws towards equal pay then you are taking steps towards communism. Pay should always be based on value and effort.

I don’t need the government to intervene with my level of comfort in society. I can speak up for myself, so please do not walk for “me.” You want to make a difference? Don’t whine/march, instead, put forth your efforts/energy towards a solution.

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