Why Elizabeth Warren is the Biggest Fauxgressive of All

Kathy Copeland Padden
Jan 3 · 4 min read
Oh Hell to The No Model Years 2016 and 2020 Photo by gq.com

All the centrists pretending to be Progressive are having a collective Big O. Liz Warren, Fauxgressive spokesmodel and Gretchen Weiner to Hillary’s Regina George, is warbling (have you listened to her? She warbles. For real) about seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination.

According to her spokesperson, her mission is to squeeze Bernie Sanders(an actual Progressive) out of the race and pick up his followers.

Now, call me crazy, but if you feel compelled to pursue the highest office in the land, you might want to have more incentive than vainglory and screwing over the best candidate.

It won’t work anyway. Lizzie(tribal name: “Breath Reeks of Bullshit” or “She Who Hedges Bets”) doesn’t stand a chance. Too many people are aware of her duplicitous behavior over and above her 2016 Judas impersonation.

You know, when she left Sanders and the Progressive ideals she supposedly holds so dear to be crucified while she cozied up to Pontius Hillsy.

We told you we wouldn’t forget. We haven’t. We told you no more neo-lib corporate stooges. We meant it.

Once Warren held up her arms with Hillary Clinton she destroyed any limited cred she had to claim the title of Progressive. It also told us all we needed to know about her character for future reference.

The future is here!

In other words, she’s another self-serving neo-lib with no concern for anything but her own political and financial advancement.

I’m not going to rehash her many shortcomings beyond her betrayal of Bernie and the entire Progressive movement. We all know she has approved three of the Orange Anal Wart’s cabinet picks(Mattis, Haley, and Shulkin.) It’s common knowledge that she betrayed the water protectors at Standing Rock and sits idly by as fracked gas pipelines weave their way through her (and my)home state.

I’m 1/24000000000 Progressive. Photo by studybreak.com

Oh, and how she just signed her name to that massive GOP defense budget and authored her own ACA-friendly bill to sabotage Medicare for All. I’m sure her ties to the pharmaceutical industry don’t figure in at all. Not going to touch on that either.

And of course, we won’t talk about her Warhawk voting record and pro-Israel/Anti-Palestine stance. I won’t even mention how she endangers all of us and our planet by her refusal to embrace the Green New Deal. Nah. We won’t discuss any of that crap because apparently, Democrats are above vetting.

What do you expect from someone who was a Republican until 1996? A rose by any other name is still a right-wing shill. Just like her Goldwater Girl buddy Hillsy.

And I’m dying to hear her rationalization for supporting Pelosi’s Pay-Go fuckery. No doubt the highlight will be yelling something about Trump sucking and how resisting is accomplishing… well, nothing, but Lizzie will still prattle and warble( like a dying bird with a mouthful of marbles)about how spiffy the Pink Hat Safety Pin gang is at … doing nothing.

By her actions, if not words, Warren is a right-wing imperialist. Warren’s record speaks louder than her usual M.O. of holding up an index finger to see which way the wind’s currently blowing and attaching herself to it. (As long as it lines up with her own personal agenda naturally.)

Lizzie talks a good game but rarely backs up her rhetoric with decisive action. After all, fighting for the rights of the average citizen is only for those crazy, pony-coveting Bernie supporters.

Stick a fork in it, Lizzie. You’re done.

Gretchen, stop trying to make 2020 happen. It’s not going to happen. Photo by thewashingtonexaminer.com

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