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Cadre Scheduling, a cloud based contingent workforce solution, announces the launch of the only technology available designed specifically to automate compliance with the Minneapolis and St. Paul ordinances, which mandate employers pay sick time benefits for employees, on the heels of the close of the regular Minnesota Legislative session and the challenging special session. Absent legislative action, the Minneapolis and St. Paul earned sick and safe time ordinances will go into effect on July 1, 2017.

Cadre Scheduling is tied specifically to the location of employees and provides the most accurate reporting and analytical tool to assess compliance with the legal requirements of the municipalities. Employers subject to the ordinances can integrate the functionality of Cadre Scheduling with many of their existing systems for seamless automated compliance with the emerging city ordinances governing employee benefits or compensation.

Cadre Scheduling is actively on-boarding employers in Minnesota to ensure that they receive the technology in time for the July 1 effective date of the Minneapolis and St. Paul ordinances.

“Employers big and small need to mobilize their human resources and IT teams to ensure compliance,” said Kathy Harrell-Latham, CEO of Cadre Scheduling. “The challenge faced by Minnesota employers is unique from any other city with similar ordinances because of the overlapping zip codes in the Twin Cities. Cadre Scheduling offers an unparalleled solution to complex regulations just in time for Minnesota employers.” Employers already use Cadre Scheduling to manage candidate communication across multiple locations, improve work opportunity tax credit return, and to source additional available candidates in face of a talent shortage.

David Young COO of Cadre Scheduling said: “As a Minnesota based company, we are proud to launch such critical technology for Minnesota employers.” He went on to say, “At a time of uncertain regulation, it is important to Cadre Scheduling to offer companies an unique ability to comply without requiring a complete overhaul of their existing technology systems. This is an important cost savings that will help employers meet their obligations without requiring layoffs or relocation.”

As part of this product release that is important to Minnesota, Cadre Scheduling is also excited to announce its ability to comply with many other regulations governing employee scheduling that may be passed by cities located throughout Minnesota or statewide. Kathy Harrell-Latham said “Our unprecedented ability to identify the precise location and compensation of employees enables our customers to uniquely comply with many city or state regulations governing employee scheduling or compensation while minimizing an overwhelming administrative burden.”

Cadre Scheduling is offering employers that may be subject to the Minneapolis or St. Paul ordinances a free review of their current technology to identify any shortfalls in their existing technology. Email contact@cadrescheduling to set-up your technology review today.

About Cadre

Cadre Scheduling is powered by the time, location, and pay rates of jobs. It uses this information to automate reporting with various city, county, or state laws governing employee schedules (i.e. earned sick and safe time, wage theft prevention, or predictable scheduling). The system uses a mobile solution, Timeku, which enables job-seekers in a tight talent market to sync all calendars, clock-in, manage training, and communicate with employers in one place.