A Basic Guide to Banner Printing

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After creating a brand for your product or a service, all you need to do is to consider the elements that would help you in shaping up your brand identity. Banners are always an integral part of advertising campaigns.

Banner printing is a crucial thing as an effectively made banner can be used over and over again without putting any extra pressure on your pocket. Summer is a season of events so you would require banners for your shop and online advertising as well. It is not necessary that you always hire a professional for designing a banner as you can yourself create a banner for your business. So, here is a tutorial for banner printing and for making people know your brand.

Software for Banner Designing

The good graphic designing software is needed for making efficient designs on your banners. Some of the popular software that you need to install on your PC is Corel DRAW, Master Plus, Adobe Illustrator and LXI Master that can make your banner stand out of the crowd.

Material for Banner Printing

There are various types of banner materials available so just be ensured that you choose the right material for your banner.

1. PVC (Vinyl) Banner

Vinyl banner is the most popular material used for printing banners in large scale. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, come in different weights and reasonably priced too. Both screen printing and digital printing can be done on these Vinyl rolls, and the banners with theheavier material are more durable than the lightweight banners.

2. Blockout Banner

These banners are mostly heavier and are used where the printing is required on both sides of the banners. Alcoating is done to hide the print showing from the ot her side.

3. Back Lit Banner

Back-lit banners are used to ensure that the banners look bright and clearly visible.

4. Mesh Vinyl Banner

These are perforated banners that allow the wind to pass through it. Mesh banners are used in the windy environments and are generally gigantic in size with large printing.

Printers and Plotters

A wide array of printers and plotters are available in the market. But it depends on the type of printing you want so choose one that is most precise and capable of banner printing.

If your graphics are not more than 10 feet, then Vinyl EXPRESS R Series Cutters and Graphtec Vinyl Cutters are best to use. For large prints, one of the best cutters with good tracking is Vinyl EXPRESS Qe6000 that can handle banners up to 25 foot.

If your requirement is to print large format graphics, then consider those printers that have fast speed printing and high resolution. Some efficient large format printers are Epson Stylus, HP Design Jet, and Canon image PROGRAF. Printers with a built-in cutter are best for producing crisp and smoothly finished edge.

Image source by http://vinylbannersprinting.co.uk

Banner Making Tools

After printing your banners now, it’s the time to seal or hem the edges and fix grommets for hanging.


You can have a grommet setter for setting the grommets but if you want to be more economical then use banner rolls instead of purchasing blanks.

Banner Eyelets

Banner Eyelets are new technology that can be utilized as Grommet alternatives. Just place it on the corners of blank banners and save the cost of buying dies and grommet setters.

Banner Pro

Now seal the edges of the finished banner with the Banner Pro that uses a heating element for sealing the edges. If you are making custom banners on a largescale, then this is a must as it is quite time consuming to sew the banners manually.

Some Banner Making Tips

· Check the prices of the banners in your area and opt for the high quality and the most competitive price because a lesser price will mean a lot if you are making banners at large scale.

· To avoid vinyl adhesion failures ensure that the PVC is layered on the right side. Always put the vinyl on the smoother surface as it makes a stronger bond.

· Check the size and layout of your banner before making it so that you do not lose the material and for this buy banner blank of Endura MAX to give it a finished look.

· Do not put holes on the banners for making wind slits, use bungee cords or thick rubber ropes for hanging it.

Now you have known the basics of the banner printing so start making banners of your product, or you can make it as your business too.