What Milestones Mean When you have a Child with Autism
Kathleen O'Grady

Milestones for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are much the same as childhood milestones — an understanding that both parents, potential employers and the adult service provider agencies supporting adults with disabilities seeking meaningful employment need to keep top of mind.

(1) As a parent, I needed to be reminded of this as I watched my son surpass what some professionals labeled as milestones he hadn’t reached between the ages of 19–21.

(2) For employers and disability support professionals, the fact that a developmental disability has its own timeline should be one of the key points emphasized in an “Autism Awareness Guide” written for potential employers and those adult support agencies — both groups that need guidance on best practices for hiring individuals with developmental disabilities.

Thanks for sharing your insights, Kathleen. My hope (and what I’m working for) is that there will be a much better understanding of autism in the workplace by the time your son starts looking for his first job.

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