Lead During Organizational Change

Change is inevitable, and it has an impact on any organization. Many different factors can cause it. Therefore, it is important to be able to lead effectively during an organizational change to remain competitive. In fact, organizations that can lead during change are more likely to outperform their competition. Continue reading to learn how to lead during an organizational change.

Communicate a Well-Defined Plan

A leader needs to have a plan before the change occurs. The key is to have a vision that makes clear why there is a change, how it affects the employees, and how it will turn out. When you understand all aspects of the change, it helps employees see what changes are happening and how it will benefit the company. Make sure that you share the plan in different forums. Communicate in meetings, emails, and discussions with individuals. This will help people become more comfortable before the change occurs. It also gives them a chance to support it.

Enlist Change Agents to Help

Another way to lead during a change is to enlist change agents to help with the process. These are informal leaders who support the change and lead others by example. They will teach them how to approach change and change their mindset so that they are comfortable with it. They can lead a task force that helps explain the changes to employees. They can organize a time for staff to ask questions. The employees will be more likely to support the change when they see others participating in the process.

Offer Training to Facilitate the Change

If you offer training to facilitate the change, employees will feel better about it. As a leader, you need to guide them through it and benefit from change management training or coaching. This will help you lead through the change. You will want to learn how to set expectations to help the employees understand the desired outcomes. In addition, you need to communicate effectively with employees about the change. Make sure that you give feedback throughout the training and motivate your employees to embrace it.

Finally, be aware that as an “at will” employee, leaders also need the support of their organization to sustain the change. As noted, clear expectations need to be consistent for all employees and the culture needs to be healthy to maintain it. If not, the leader is on their own.



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