Travel Trends for 2023

Kathy Husser
3 min readMar 12


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If you need to getaway this spring check out these travel trends popular in 2023. Remember to always check ahead for travel requirements depending upon the location and local health regulations.

Traveling by Train

Traveling by train has become much more popular since the recent meltdown of some airlines last winter. Trains are much more reliable and, in some cases, more economical for a trip. Depending upon your destination and timeline, rail travel is also a travel experience in of itself.

In the United States, Amtrak is the main carrier for passenger train travel. If you want to venture abroad there are many rail lines to choose depending upon the country. Many amenities are available on rail lines now, so check out the location and have a new experience!

Road Trips

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Traveling by automobile has always been popular. With gas prices declining, road trips cross country has become more popular. Again, the reliability factor for driving your own car or a rental is also greater than flying sometimes.

The key to a successful road trip is planning ahead, always. Check your route for detours or road closures. Even road construction can be a downer if you don’t plan for the extra time it takes to navigate.

Make sure to explore sites along the route or tourist stops that have a great appeal. Driving allows you the freedom to stop and go when you want and see the “off the beaten path” experiences. Don’t miss a thing and plan your stops to enjoy picnic meals or roadside attractions.


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Finally, exploring your hometown is also one of the best vacations. Staying at home and exploring the local sites you normally miss is economical and less stressful. There are few travel expenses, so you can spend your budget on meals out, concerts, or a special sporting event. If you live in a rural area, traveling to a larger city is still less expensive than flying cross country to enjoy similar sites.

Really, anything goes this year if you plan ahead, have a plan B, and just relax and enjoy your vacation. Traveling is about new experiences and relaxing, whatever you decide.

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