Dreams for the future are built upon personal histories both real and imagined. In bitter defiance of nostalgia we try to outsmart and outdo our brightest memories. What then is life besides a tireless pursuit for better memories? What then is memory besides a growing list of things that were never enough?

I love love this , it’s so true. No matter how imperfect a day may be, we can file it away, automatically filtered by our insane ability to ignore and quickly forget what we don’t wish to acknowledge or remember . Then , no matter how perfect a subsequent day IS , it can never match much less outdo our edited memories. It can only become the next edited partially true memory that makes the next perfect day pale by comparison. One wonders whether being made aware of this fact can be enough to jolt us to reality . Can realizing and accepting that all our memories are likewise tainted by the unconscious decisions that file them as good or bad memories stop us from being a victim of nostalgia ? Why do we humans so frequently undervalue a moment until we apply the magic lense of hindsight to it ?

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