We must learn to enjoy the present day, the present moment, the present opportunity, and love it. If we are always thinking about what may come tomorrow, we are going to have a lot of failed today’s. Learn to live in ‘the now’, and your emotional well being and productivity will sky rocket.
12 Essential Habits You Must Include In Your Daily Routine
Ryan Peck

I was nearing 50 when this truth hit me and finally stuck with me. Why worry about whether my roof will be on in a year and worry myself ragged over it (or anything really) when I may not even be alive by then? Thus it follows -why get upset about the hundreds of things we COULD everyday, like a flat tire, or mud on the floor or Johnny got a C and not an A?? Sweating all the “small stuff” only makes us miserable and everyone around us. I ask myself, ‘If I knew right now I was going to die tomorrow, would this matter?’ 99.999% of the time the answer is a big NO. The truth is -not one of us is guaranteed a tomorrow so being able to calm your mind and set the little stuff aside will make you healthier and happier in the short and long run. The calm mind will be better able to see and appreciate all the beauty in front of it.

My brain goes 1,000 miles an hour so it is a struggle everyday to let things go. Planning is good , and there are times when worry is unavoidable but I’m so much happier since I learned that if I’m sucking air and those I love are,and if I have food and some kind of roof on my head- then the rest is all the accessories of life. We don’t HAVE to put them on.

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