In A Pool

When you are over the one who took your breath away and then tried to keep it…yes , right there that’s the spot. Ahhh …sweet release .

Left me lying in a pool

where I became my tears.

what you think you see in me

is not as it appears.

I gathered my destroyed matter

willing atoms back together

for I , the ship with tattered sails,

withstood that stormy weather.

now I find you deconstructed

your bridges all burned behind,

you try to cross ours once more,

you think I will not mind.

left me fallen, weakened, worn,

discarded like a fool.

now you look for sympathy

when all you were was cruel.

my old friend I will do for you ,

what you once did for me.

I’ll step over the pool of you

and there I’ll leave you be.

Kathleen Hussey 2017

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