The Sutra of Complete Demagoguery
Mac McCarty

Such a great article Mac , very well written and explained. It is astounding how exactly right you were when you wrote this 8 months ago, perfectly describing what Trump’s modus operandi would be once he got in office. ?He has done things already that your President hasn’t even considered, like making his son-in-law responsible for redesigning the entire government and working out Middle East peace…or like appointing the head of Exxon Mobile as Secretary of State. …because you know… what does a man want when they have most everything money can buy ?? Power…so that they can dishonestly make more money and lord even more power over others. We are facing a huge disaster with Trump in office and so many of us know this mostly because a hot headed , vain, thin skinned man with no self control is about the worst candidate to have massive power over life and death. But here we are. It gives me great pain to see what he is doing to things like respect and intelligence.

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