8. Could it be that my moment of maximum internet hatred arrived?
Ten Things That Have Come Out Of My Mouth About The “Ten Bands” Thing On Facebook
sarah miller

The ‘Women we need to pump ourselves up ,so post 5 selfies of yourself and tag 25 other women too um-k . Bcuz u r beautiful and we need to support eachother’ meme or post- THAT was my actual peak internet hatred moment. As if that is all that women can/should/would or do ever have to or need to support each other about is “errrmagaawwdd how beautifuuuull you look in this pic”. The faux humility of the ones who do this, who are, in effect, pretending to be saying — ‘Oh I don’t really want to, but ok you’ve twisted my arm so I will post some pictures of me (that I think I look amazing in but everyone else is visibly scared of). Obviously they understand it is vain to keep doing that constantly (posting 10 self pics a day every day)so they feel they need another reason to post selfies….(umm…Just Post it !! You’ve already shown us you don’t need a flippin reason ! You didn’t for the last 50 duck lips this week -lol). Anywhooooo, rant over….sorry….lol

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