4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

There is so much of value in this article that I know I will have to re-read it three times and even after that I might be a bit confused …lol. (or lulz I should say ). Thank you for this article, it did teach me a lot ,even in this first read through, about 4chan , Anonymous and the numbers of Anon’s sitting in their mother’s basements, living via the internet , gaming /fantasy groups. It made me see that there are so many young men feeling like losers and trying to outdo one another as they struggle internally to make peace with their unchanging situations; (either of having education and finding nothing meaningful and/or financially beneficial to do with it, or those who’ve been unable to reach even that loftier (in their eyes)level of indignation and disillusionment because they didn’t get to further their education) so they live in limbo feeling ostracized and dissatisfied with the possibilities in front of them in life. Your article helped me understand why they’d get into trying to out do each other in obscure, clique-ish humor , making fun of and staging ‘raids’ on different online boards regarding religion, politicians etc. just so they can irritate those they feel are already irritating them. I can see how easily Milio Yakkinopolous (or however you spell his name) would become a voice they listened to because he says offensive insulting things about everyone basically. Milo frequently voices his opinions that demonstrate his distaste for modern feminism. I listened to him and one gets the sense that he is just a ‘shock-jock’ debater , trying to offend anyone and everyone he can for the publicity and fame it can generate. He offers himself up as as a comedian who likes the spotlight and the controversy, trying to become a famous person by being un p.c. and thus a creator of chaos. I doubt he believes half the stuff he says. In the typical 4chans/ Anons lonely lives I can see how his voice becomes their voice, as he is not anonymous or quiet.

Also you made an excellent point on how easy it is to lead someone to believe something if it helps them explain their own failings and takes the responsibility or guilt off of themselves. (re: how the Anon’s would find it easy to hate and blame women and feminism for their being alone , removing the need for self examination and self improvement ). If you have not been hired , for example, after applying to six companies, then it’s a load off of your mind if you can make yourself believe that illegal immigrant workers took those 6 jobs from you.

The answer is what it has always been guys — as hard as it may be ,we all need to unplug from everything sometimes and set aside regular days to do that. Technology, no matter how good, will never be a substitute for a hug, a face to face , visibly emotional conversation, empathy or real love. Anyway sorry, rambling…. I really did learn a lot . Thank you again.

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