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Originally published at November 19, 2019

Voice technology enables machines to understand natural language commands to complete tasks and can generate natural language responses in return. It is the next wave of AI innovation and it’s quickly gaining momentum, which means we’re at a critical juncture of getting it right.

As consumers, we’re all familiar with asking voice assistants built into our smartphones and smart speakers for the weather, directions, and even a joke. …

How to Expand from Principles to Impact

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Originally published at August 6, 2019

Earlier this year, Danielle Cass and I ran a workshop with 23 ethical AI practitioners from 15 organizations and shared out insights of what they are doing that has been successful and the open questions or challenges they are working through. A few months later, Matt Marshall, Founder of VentureBeat, invited us to conduct a similar workshop at VentureBeat Transform with the goal of expanding the representation of practitioners and moving the conversation to the next level.

On July 10th, 36 practitioners from 29 organizations came together for a two-hour, high-speed workshop to solve four challenges we, as a discipline, are working…

Lessons Learned from Pioneers in the Trenches

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Originally published at July 10, 2019

As a discipline, those of us working on ethical or responsible AI, are learning together how to translate ethical principles into business practices that work for each of our organizations. The result is a shared community of practice. In this blog post, we share early lessons learned and some best practices for implementing ethical AI practice that other practitioners can consider for their organizations because we know that a rising tide lifts all boats.

At the beginning of this year, KPMG published a report naming “AI Ethicist” as one of the top five AI hires companies need to succeed in 2019. Similarly, IEEE recommended in their Ethically Aligned Design Guidelines for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems v2, that “companies need to create roles for senior-level marketers, ethicists, or lawyers who can pragmatically implement ethically aligned design, both in the technology and the social processes to support value-based system innovation.” This isn’t surprising given the vast media coverage about the harm caused by technologies from highly inaccurate facial recognition to AI unfairly cutting access to healthcare. In fact, the number of news articles featuring “AI” or “artificial intelligence” and “ethics” has seen a sharp increase since the end of 2016 as charted by CBInsights. …


Kathy Baxter

Architect, Ethical AI Practice at Salesforce. Coauthor of "Understanding Your Users," 2nd ed.

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