The ‘Influence-in-a-Box’ Marketing System — while supplies last!

Because influence is too important to not be automated. Phone that crap in!

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You are busy. I get that. So to aid in helping you move things along, I created a special new offer designed for the busy influencer. It’s called “influence in a box.”

Introducing the Influence-in-a-Box Kit

Our unique, one-of-a-kind, unduplicated kit includes the following items:

1. The Rags to Riches Story Outline

You were broke and then you made it. Then you went broke again and made it again. We got you covered with our easy to modify ‘rags to riches’ template story. It’s completely customizable so you manipulate your way to success. Who doesn’t love an underdog? Want to tell people how to succeed? No problem. You don’t need to succeed. Just tell stories like you have. Humility can be faked. I would take advice on how to be successful from people who aren’t. They don’t have what you have — the cheat sheet.

2. The Masterclass Template

Never taught anything before? No problem. You are qualified to teach a masterclass. People listen to and root for underdogs. This template will show you how to get your Masterclass and your Facebook ad template off the ground. Just announce you are running a masterclass and let your humility do all the heavy lifting. Be sure to remind people you are humble. All the time.

3. The Acronym Builder

Part of being an influencer means having a fancy acronym for your offerings. Our kit includes a fancy dart-throwing game where you land on a cool acronym that is all yours. That FUN system is now Funnel Upleveling Note-taking. LOL is Lazy Optics for Lounging. It’s easy. Our TACK system is designed to help you maximize profits: Taking Advantage of Customers and Killing it. That’s sounds fun, not exploitative. Acronyms neutralize cognitive dissonance and who doesn’t want some of that? It’s fun and we know “fu” when we see it (heck, we created it!)!

4. Your Funnel

Every amazing entrepreneur has a funnel. You are no exception. Tell everyone you will help them build a funnel even if you don’t what that means. It doesn’t matter. Using words like that will help people think you know what you are talking about. And that’s what really matters.

5. “Better Than You” Spray

What would any influencer product be without the “Better Than You” Spray? Our patented system mimics your own scent when you spray it on? Who needs pheromones or the Ramones when they smell like you? You fall in love with yourself all over again. Every day.

Get yours while supplies last!


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