Vegans Demanding Changes to Ancient Religions
Rama Ganesan

We are in the 21st Century. Through internet and social media more and more people are aware of the extreme cruelties in factory farming, incuding the dairy industry. I cannot possibly believe that God is happy when we artificially inseminate a cow (which is painful), then take away her baby when it is born, in order to steal the milk for (unnecessary) human consumption !!! If the baby is a male it is crated up until big enough for slaughter. If female, she will have the same dreary life of milking machines, forced pregnancy, heartbreak and pain. Watch some of the undercover videos by Mercy For Animals. You will be shocked. This is not the age of Krishna and the Gopis. The dairy industry is horrific. It’s time Hinduism, Buddhism, and all other religions wake the hell up and start living the compassion that they preach !!! Yes, it’s time for veganism in religion.

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