White Privilege Injustice

Around the beginning of the twentieth century, civilization began to acknowledge the notion that white-skinned people were held a greater societal status especially being more privileged in most aspect of society which is called white privilege. Although it is one of the world issues today to tackle down, it is crucially fair to all to see and live in a world where all races were held at an equal level in any case in the near future.

To this day, most people across the world begin their life having this subtle feeling whether they want to acknowledge it that whites are the inferior species compared to rest which may root from slavery in the early ages of history to which we carry throughout our lives. A NY Times article titled “Facing Down His Color As a Path To Privilege” written by Felicia Lee in 1999 reports, “There are myths about the purity of whiteness, as seen in the conversation about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. There is the myth of the superiority of white intelligence, as reflected in the continuing I.Q. debate. There is the myth of the danger and chaos associated with blackness, which is demonstrated by the way people react when a black family moves next door.’’ This quote shows significance of the perception society and ourselves carry today even though this article was written in 1999. That means seventeen years has pasted and racial privilege continues to carry on in court cases, university cases, and everyday circumstances.

White Privilege is extremely important issue in today’s society as it affects almost everyone across the world and everyone should be aware of it because it may affect them as well. Criminal sentencing, potential lives lost, job acceptances, university acceptances, growth of hatred against other cultures, and how one’s race can differ from one that is white in how they’re treated in public situations are some factor in why this issue matters heavily. I personally became involved during the middle of my high school years around three to four years ago as a lot of criminal cases pertaining towards white privilege were prevalent on my social media platforms at the time. My interest regarding white privileges instances in cases has grown over time till this day where recently more white privileged court cases compared to minority’s cases exponential grew. I’ve also observed a lot of people not only in my city but also around the country citizens have built up such rage against several court cases which in modern society should be deemed to be sound in their judgement of the cases. In reality, the public conceives the court system to be flawed in their process of judgement to the point of calling for resignation of judges who give leniency toward white perpetrator. Its intriguing why certain decisions are considered acceptable by some and majority on the other hand wrathfully argue unacceptable. 
Court cases are of the one the most prominent source when it comes to the display of white privilege for the public. A NY Times article titled “Judge’s Sentencing in Massachusetts Sexual Assault Case Reignites Debate on Privilege” written by Christine Hauser compares two sexual assault cases with two white young sexual offenders that demonstrates white privilege. She then bring attention to Brock Turner of the Stanford rape case where an intoxicated Stanford freshman was caught raping an unconscious young women behind a dumpster on campus was sentenced to six months of which only three he served along with another similar case of David Becker who pleaded guilty of assaulting two women who were asleep at a party of which he was sentenced to two years on probation. Hauser comments, “The sexual assault case is one of several recent episodes that activists say show a troubling trend toward lenient punishment for young white perpetrators.” Court cases have ruled in favor of young white perpetrators when the majority of the public has spoken against in forms of petition for longer sentences, recall of judge’s position, strikes, and trigger the long debate of white privilege in today’s society. This shows the world how corrupt the court system is and racially bias some judges can be which is utmost fair in a system that should be sound.

Another sexual assault case similar to Brock Turner’s case occurred in the past six months where Corey Batey, a nineteen year old Vanderbilt University football player, was found guilty for raping an unconscious women and sentenced to fifteen years in prison compared to Turner’s very short sentence. Brock Turner’s case was highly profiled across many media platforms unlike Vanderbilt’s case as Turner’s white privilege infuriates thousands of activists and spectators across the country due to Turner’s privilege of being white-skinned along with high financial background. From the comparison of these cases, non-white criminals suffer with much longer sentences in prison compared the leniency given to those of white skin. Society should treat anyone based on their actions, skills, personality, behavior, and more rather than the color of their skin for everyone is proven true to their own personal assets.