Latest Fashion Crush: Knitted Bikinis

Bikini fashion has also managed to evolve throughout the years. We’ve seen the classic onesies make a come back early this year, and the two-piece designs and color blocking also continue to change every season. But, there’s one bikini look that is worthy of our attention, as well — the knitted bikinis. 
I have tried knitting before, but have only tried the common projects like bonnets and pouches. When I started seeing model strut those sexy knitted bikinis, I just knew that I got to have or at least try to knit one of those.

One of the best parts about having a knitted bikini is its level of comfort, especially if it is made of high quality wool. I’ve also checked some from a local boutique which feels as elastic as their spandex counterparts, except that they are cuter! One thing’s for sure, bikinis will definitely be on my next knitting projects list.