What vitamins should I take?

In an ideal world, we would get all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins from our diet and lifestyle. Our ancestors lived a life of sunlight (Vitamin D), plant (b-vitamins) and plenty of protein (Omega 3). But in today’s modern culture, the reality is that the standard American Diet, a high-stress, fast paced lifestyle and high medication use/chemical exposure leaves many of us nutrient deficient.

The answer to “What vitamins should I take?” is “the ones you need.” Recommendations for supplements should be made individually with consideration of current nutrition, genetics, medications and lifestyle. Those who live a vegan lifestyle will have different nutrient needs than those who live the Standard American lifestyle. That being said, for many there are foundational nutrient recommendations that should be received through diet or supplementations. Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids, the B vitamins are common recommendations. Quality supplements are important. The most expensive supplement is the one that does not work!!

Remember there are many medications that cause depletions in critical nutrients AND there are many nutrients that interfere with the actions of many medications. It is important that when choosing supplements that your Clinical Pharmacist be your resource in creating the optimal vitamin/medication regimen for you.

Dr. Kathy M. Campbell, PharmD
Clinical Community Pharmacist