Learn 7 Design Trend That Can Make Your Office A More Productive And Amazing Place

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Learn 7 Design Trend That Can Make Your Office A More Productive And Amazing Place

Are you planning on or considering redesigning things around the office? You might want to include some of these innovative ideas.

Embrace is here to give you the cutting edge in office furniture and design, by giving you the best office furniture in Houston! Each business has distinct needs in terms of its office space. Industry experts often visit many offices around the world to see which ones are the coolest, and they note a number of design philosophies and elements that commonly show up in the latest and greatest working spaces. Keep reading to learn 7 specific ideas that are proving trendy, if not hot, in 2018.

1) Let Teams Have Their Own Meeting Room

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Sharing is supposed to be nice manners, but is it really all that fun? To start with, any team enjoying its own room can hang what it likes on the walls. For instance, if you have different product and design teams, let each one have their own war room. Each team could even possibly outfit their room with office furniture that fits their staff and projects the best. The conventional conference table just doesn’t work for everyone. Letting everyone chip in can bring the team together like never before.

2) Create Casual Spaces For Those Working Solo

Remote work is getting increasingly common, so a growing number of employees are finding productivity in places other than their desk. That’s why more and more offices are starting to work in spaces such as lounges, cafes, and libraries where people can do solo work. In an ideal design, you would place such features strategically in your larger layout to be destinations. People working here want to minimize distraction, so having them on thoroughfares isn’t helpful. These quiet spaces should have rules, but they also need distinct and comfy furniture. They might have a lot of people in one space, but there shouldn’t be a conversation between them or phone usage.

3) Acoustic Management

Collaboration makes the most of your staff, and it is sometimes a crucial element of your operations. Then again, it’s counterproductive in times your professionals need to work alone. Given that, you could join the growing number of office spaces that are attempting to actually control how sound moves their location. If you have areas such as hallways that have typically been barren on the floors, think about putting in a carpet to help out. Plants and furniture are other things that can help absorb ambient sound. Even consider lining communal areas or meeting room walls with acoustic screens.

4) Your Employees Need Breaks, And So Does The Monotony

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Do you have long rows of boring desks? Use meeting spaces and seating areas as deliberate breaks in the monotony. Consider using different themes in various parts of the office. For instance, rather than a conventional cubicle farm, why not create a labyrinth which works its way around lounges and conference rooms? If something is complicated enough to keep the interest of those navigating it, they might just be more social if they have to stop and ask for directions from co-workers. Even if not, it livens up their day and helps them stay alert.

5) Visual Clues To Keep The Sense Of Purpose Alive

Employees come into work nearly every day of their adult lives, but you want them motivated with a sense of purpose other than just getting a paycheck or not getting fired. You can nurture their attitude by incorporating your corporate culture and identity into things like the signs, decor, furniture, and wall art. If you ever get the chance, look up photos of the headquarters for Ancestry.com. There are wall coverings and tapestries from around the world, including portraits of their employees right beside older images of their ancestors. Millennials are a generation that definitely likes feeling as if they come in to be a part of anything bigger than themselves. Office designs are chances to help them remember why they come in and how your brand can serve the larger world.

6) Get Green Going

People inherently need connections to nature and its green spaces. Edward O. Wilson is an American researcher and biologist who called this innate attraction to both natural processes and nature ‘biophilia’. You can use biophilic design to minimize the separation of your employees from nature by working natural elements into your indoor design, especially if you can mimic natural environments inside your walls. This trend has been on the rise for a number of years, and it’s even getting to the point that it might be normal for many modern offices, as compared to the cutting-edge curiosity it’s been for a lot of progressive office designs. Amazon certainly took it to heart at their corporate headquarters, putting in sweeping features such as glass-domed greenhouses. Of course, most companies can’t afford such gestures. Still, there are easier ways to do it. When you go out looking for office furniture, why not consider rustic pieces or styles to help your employees feel closer to nature? Embrace can absolutely help you find the best office furniture Houston has to offer for such ideals.

7) Roll Out Recharge Rooms

It’s time to face facts. For most of the adult workforce, the idea of work-life balance is nothing but a fantasy. Office design has to take this into account. When offices are designed smartly, they help your employees stay healthy, work for you longer, show up to work more often, be more productive, have higher levels of satisfaction working there, and be more creative. Breakout spaces keep all of this in mind, and functionality isn’t always their purpose. Cafes on your campus should feel more like a restaurant than an office so that people dining feel a bit entertained at lunch. Comfortable alcoves can foster social groups where friendships are formed, and these relationships can make the office fabric stronger for everyone. Consider adding cutting-edge kitchens where workers stay well-fed and even feel like they’re at home. An embrace would be happy to help find you the best office furniture Houston has for every need!