This sort of cognitive dissonance is the result of people trying to fit their regressive and…
Christopher S. Freeman

There’s a big difference between “WILL NOT work”, and “CANNOT work”. That’s obvious, and has nothing to do with the Bible or political agenda, even though you spin it that way. According to your interruption, it would be okay for either of us to willfully DECIDE, I WILL NOT WORK as opposed to being DISABLED and CANNOT WORK.

Tell me, why isn’t it a good idea for either party to introduce a Bill with “work restrictions” for the “will not(s)”? There is nothing in the Bill that cuts funding for the “cannot work(s). Either you don’t know the difference, or you’re pushing your own political agenda.

Democrat President Bill Clinton was in favor of “work restrictions” for the “will not(s)”. If it’s okay for the Democrats but not the GOP, then you are definitely politically blind.