But almost every company and team has at least one person who naturally liases between different perspectives and departments. These are the people who understand lower-case “a” agility and, crucially, these are the people who have already proven their capability at these difficult but critical connective skills. These are the people who I believe are the next great PMs.
The Past and Future of Product Management
Matt LeMay

The hits home for me. I used to be a front-end engineer, and I have Google on my resume. That looks good for people trying to hire me as a technical PM. I know some technical stuff, but I’m clearly not the smartest person in the room (those people are my Lead Engineer, and my Lead Designer). Because managers have this idea about me as a technical PM, I sometimes am left with imposter syndrome and question my worth as a PM. And then I read through recommendations from people I’ve worked with — my peers — and they all point to my ability to connect the dots between all of the players. I’ve often heard the verb “liaise” used to describe what I do to other people. The thing is, I never saw the value in that because my managers were pushing me to “be the technical power PM who holds all the decisions.” Thanks so much for making this point, Matt! It’s awesome.