Choose What You Stand For

Even when people disagree

Credit: DepositPhotos

Nine years ago, I made a conscious choice to talk about my children. Pictures, videos, words. It is instantly obvious that I have kids when you look at pretty much every one of my social media accounts. And that includes LinkedIn, where I make professional contacts.

Why would I do that? Why on earth would I choose to point a blazing arrow to what many people view as a detriment? Because I refuse to lie. I love my children. I chose to have every one of them. I thought about having them every.single.second before they were born — you can trace every one of my adult actions to the decision to have children. I chose a man who had equal desire to have kids, bought a home at age 24, and kept upgrading as our family grew.

To pretend that my kids have not occupied every one of my waking — and sometimes sleeping — thoughts would be, for me, a lie. And so I have built my career around them. I spent my twenties in a feverish race to acquire skills and cash so I could afford to have them, spent my thirties in a haze of sleep deprivation and making friends with equally sleep-deprived parents. And now? As I enter my forties, I am reclaiming myself inch by inch. But? I am bringing my kids along for the ride.

My kids are a part of every decision I make. I have turned down job offers from some of the top companies in the world because they were not the right fit with my family. What makes a company the right fit? One that includes my kids, helps them build skills and connections right alongside mine. Those are the companies I work with.

I have spent the first forty years of my life preparing to have kids. I am prepared to spent the next forty launching them.