If you’re straining out the apples in the end anyway (which the recipe seems to call for), hacking…

Hacking hurts, randomthoughts. Certainly better than trying to make rings, but overall I am trying to see if decent DIY is possible on not just a financial budget but an effort one as well. Is asking a DIY gift to be cheap, easy, and stunning too much to ask? Surprisingly the answer is occasionally no. And so it is for those of us who are incurably lazy and need some major incentives to not do all our gift shopping online I write. For the rest of us (re: not me) who need no such motivation, I hope the articles are entertaining nonetheless. Most of all I appreciate all the advice and support of the readers. Together we can create a future full of people who not only know how to do things for themselves, but, most importantly, people who do not give glove and scarf sets as gifts. We all already have gloves and scarves, okay? Chillax with the gloves and scarves.

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