Equals Digital Marketing

Hi everyone. I am Kati, and I would like to tell you my story so far.

1. Science: when you are 18, you do not really know what you are going to do for a living, you don’t know yourself either (at least I didn’t know), but you have to decide in which direction to start. I chose biology because I liked science and I wanted to study. I started to study biology (Biologist, B.Sc.) and I had to do a lot of lab and basic research work. I figured out, that I like applied sciences more, so I had to choose a different path.

2. People + food=nutritionist: I decided to do my bachelor thesis on the Faculty for Anthropology. Meanwhile I started to cook for me and my boyfriend (soon to be husband) back then and I started to enjoy it very much. A very much fitted subject was the connection between the nutritional status and eating disorders. I know, that you are asking, how is it related to digital marketing? We are going to get soon to digital marketing, I promise :).

3. Nutritionist + creation= product developer: I wanted to study further so I made my masters as a nutritionist, and the subject product development really raised my interest. As a master thesis I create a new product, a new functional food, a probiotic soy drink with elderberry jam flavor and then I realized that I love to CREATE.

This is one my probiotic bacteria. Products become probiotic because they are enriched with these types of bacteria.

4. Product developer + online market=DIGITAL MARKETING. After college I started to work as product developer of food supplements at different companies. Back then –in Hungary- were the market very different in this branch, and much of these supplements were in pharmacies and drug stores. As we moved to Germany I realized that the market is very much online in this branch too. I started to work as a product developer and product manager and I work on everyday basis with Amazon, Ebay, and different online shops. I answer also the questions raised from the customers related to nutrition and to the products. The interest grew on me, how can I know better my target group (for a new product)? How do I find a niche market? In what content would be my customers interested in?

All these questions could be answered with the various tools of digital marketing and I suddenly realized that after a full-time work day I sit in front of my laptop and ENJOY what I am doing.

Me, writing this blog right now