Why did I stop to dream. And started to dream in a realistic way.


In my childhood I used to dream a lot. Thanks to my broad and a bit crazy imagination I spent lots of time in imaginary places talking to imaginary people.

In my 16s I continued, but upgraded to the next level: dreaming during a daytime can really save you from various cruelties of the «world» and unpleasant communications, whatever. I had never forgot about mistakes I’ve made, others people mistakes as well and turned my everyday being into a semi-virtual reality life, which I programmed for myself — like everything there was quite perfect — as I wanted to be.

Actually, something was missing. That was a long road to «real» life. Like when you are getting a first job and realizing how tough it can be; you are opening new characteristics of yourself and say: “Well, I’ve never thought, but I can.”; you are meeting new people (no matter you don’t even try to believe them considering your previous experience). It seems, you are relaxing, all is fine now. You had forgot about dreaming at all: your job, relationships and all the very important stuff owns your inner and outer — you might want to say “Thank you, finally, I’m a normal human being of this world”.

But, what is normal?

You say party, We say die

Sometimes I was frightened of people’s indifference.

Haver you ever thought about:

  • History? Geography? Physics? Chemistry? You did. Probably, a long time ago.
  • Money? Clothing? Food? Drinks? Parks? Cinemas? Other entertainments? Hobbies? Job? Wage? Sex? Quarrels? Lies? Stress? Relaxation? Your future? Probably, every day.
  • Kindness? Generosity? Honesty? Peace? Love? Probably, sometimes.
  • War? Deaths? Geopolitics? I guess, never.

Now I’m frustrated.

What I’m imagining today

To make a story short. I see a typical middle age working specialist, wife, kids & with other attributes of a “calm” lifestyle (everyone is running fast to be on that list). He is a country citizen and pays taxes. Mid XXI or maybe end of it. And suddenly a bomb crosses the Atlantic sea, for example. Ruins. Pain, fear and helpless millions of successful people. End of story.


Because there is a huge gap between the life we live and what is really happening around. The thing is — neither no one knows where will you be tomorrow: under a gravestone, a refugee, a beggar etc — nor your government will help.

You have to understand that no one will ever make you think of real future — it is simply not profitable.

Let’s dream

Let’s dream, because after WWI people hadn’t dream about WWII. After WWII people haven’t ever conceived a possibility of WWIII.

Let’s face the facts and think

Let’s face the fact we are just billions of helpless population in front of:

  • Globalization (with its “goods” and “bads”).
  • Growing power of East and accumulation of weapons by 3rd world countries.
  • Never ending confrontations between economic/military giants, accompanied now by “radical” and “extremist” groups.
  • Permanent struggle for supremacy (yes, permanent — like history should have taught us, but we are still partially blind).
  • Our informational poverty and lack of education (at least in geography and history, instead we believe in opposite, what is crucial for humanity well-being).

A few facts from various proved sources:

«…peaceful nations don’t imagine how to predict a threat…”

“…for some countries no expansion means a possibility of invasion…”

“…some national psychological tendencies are based on geographical realities…”

“…it is around 40 mega cities in the world now…”

“…3rd world countries suffer from extreme poverty, population grows and resources will be in scarce…”

“…loneliness is a key to revolutions, crowd feeling brings individuals to religion…”

“…poverty connects to nationalism…”

“…if military actions will happen casualties in mega cities will be enormous…”

My dream

Fifth year in a row every New Year I had the only wish — peace to the world.

This year I hadn’t: real life is unexpected and simply unknown for us. We are forced by groups and governments to think we are safe, but we are not. My wish for this year is for people to be more educated and erudite, at least.

Next time think of history and geography in tandem: logically you will come to conclusion — you know not much about the reality while comforting in your semi-virtual “approved reality”.

I’m not forcing anyone to be interested in geopolitics, but just imagine a world in which people can predict and prevent threats and realize the reality:

  • they have more power than ever;
  • probably, they are well self-organized and their “government” is a very different form of adequate united communities;
  • the % of various scientists is huge, they are connected around the world — borders start to mean less;
  • the level of well-being through the world is +/- the same thanks to common efforts…

Your life should not belong to any of the governments and religions — it’s not the environment, it’s just a group of interested people.