5 strategies to make agreements

Nowadays is a real challenge to have agreements with others. In a world where it seems disagreement is our everyday meal, we kill each other because of our differences and we compete instead of collaborate, is it really possible to put our hearts together?

What makes our hearts grow apart? What makes us go different ways? I believe is the attention given to our needs.

Is quite possible to have conflict when we have different needs and want to satisfy all of them but the available resources are not enough to do that simultaneously.

For example, we want to deliver in time and keep the production cost low. Or maybe, we want to have excellent results and take care of our personal life. Is this possible?

Here I share some ideas that might be useful.

1.- Every need has the same value

If instead of assigning priorities we give the same value to every need, we might find other ways to satisfy them all.

2.- Every participant has the same right to be heard

If everyone has a place, is seen and heard and given the chance to contribute, the chances of “pouring the heart out” and contribute increase significantly.

3.- Be willing to the chance that my idea won’t be the chosen one

To agree we need to be willing to build together, not to win. There is a huge difference between the first and the second. Building opens chances to create new options, alternatives not even explored. Winning limits our options to just one and usually diminishes possibilities..

4.- Contribute from your heart

Many times we think that if we devalue, criticize, judge or denigrate others, “we will win”. Many of us do not realize that those thing only help to make everyone “pay” high prices individually and collectively. What would happen is we learnt to speak from our hearts? By this I mean, to talk about my needs, wishes, how can I contribute and what I would like to get in return.

5.- Remember our sufficiency

As Michael Blumenstein says “Sufficiency is the inner certainty that I can handle uncertainty”. Many of us aren’t willing to open our hearts because we are afraid that if we do not control everything like we want to, then the result won’t be a good one. Maybe we can be surprised to know that if we trust of our ability to handle the future without controlling it, we will be more capable to create new, and many times, even better options.

To put our hearts together is an art that can be learned, is a challenge for our modern society and is a need for the current companies. Are you willing to learn?

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