Is there hope?

We have been talking about consultancy in organizations. In fact, we analyzed the solution model’s failure.

We said that only when people’s thinking model change, then change in organizations can be possible.

And we talked about volition involved in personal changes. So what can a consultant do?

Provide ways to invite people to:

1. To ask themselves what they want.

For whatever we want to do, it would be very useful to ask ourselves what we want. Many of us ignore it. Others think they want something and at the end they actually want something different. Many of us are afraid to dream what we really want. This is a very significant process, because from this exercise we gain the strength to do the change or not. The consultant offers effective ways for people and groups to identify and build individually and / or together this image of the future.

2. Realize how they think what they think.

Many of us give a high value to what we think and what others think, this is not really significant in order to change an organization. What is significant is to identify how people came to think what they think. Because when they understand their thought-making process, they may, if wish so, make adjustments. A consultant offers effective ways to review this thought-building process.

3. To wonder if this way of thinking is being useful for what they want.

Another important way in the process for change will be to review if the way of thinking we have is being useful for what we want. Many of us think and act in ways that we consider useful to our goals, but many times we do not realize that the contribution is in the wrong way. A consultant offers ways to make that information review possible for people, and if they think it is necessary, make adjustments.

4. Find their own ways

As we have discussed, pre-fixed solutions are far from useful in most cases. The change process, its stages, its needs, its solutions, requires to come from within the organization. A consultant offers ways that make it possible for individuals and groups in the organization to find their own ways.

5. Feeling adroit and capable to use them

Sometimes people do not feel capable to make a change. They may have seen many “failed changes”. Maybe they do not feel the strength to do it. Maybe they have forgotten their ability to make changes. And it is important that they recover it to do what they want to achieve. The consultant can supporte in this recovering process through several ways.

With these foundations we can begin to talk in the organization from a completely different position of what I think is the way we are talking today.

Today we talk a lot about conversations in the organization, it seems that once again to talk is not the important issue, is how we talk and to have a good basis for this new form of conversation, more provocative, disruptive, changing. Is to learn to review the way we think and maybe, if we realize it, adjust the way of thinking and co-creating new conversations.

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