A story about smoking in a summer night, infused with jazz.

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Last night I went to a park, sat on a bench overlooking the sea, put my headphones on and pressed play on Summertimeby Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

The stream of sweet, familiar melody filled my head and eliminated all other noises of trivial human existence. A wild sensation of freedom lovingly caressed my mind. I sat there in the heat of one of the last August nights and contemplated couples, families and groups of friends unconsciously play in my self-made secret theatre.

I wonder if other people create spectacles out of mundane everyday routines and tremble with contempt…

Photo by: Paolo Nicolello

On a cloudy afternoon in the middle of nowhere, in particular, a guy was sitting quietly at his porch. Right in front of him, there were some birds resting on the electric wires. He was having a coffee staring at them in a calm mind when suddenly a beautiful casualty struck him. There were five wires and that arrangement, seemingly arbitrary, resembled a perfect staff with the birds being the notes. He felt like a silent witness of a melody that was trying to be born and an urge to act arose in him.

He grabbed his phone and took…

I’m sitting in an Italian cafeteria I’ve never before been to, I order a cappuccino and a Caprese piadina (in case you don’t know, they’re fabulous) and I look around.

There are some nicely arranged flowers on the table which somehow perfectly combine with the yellow chair, the dark shade of the wood of the table, the style of the floor and the red bricks on the walls.

Some catchy phrases, written with neon lights, wink at me from there, right next to a board with a #. There is a secluded corner with a big vintage sofa, a huge…

“It feels good to be around you”.

I hear the words and I smile in return.

In the last weeks, this is the third time a person I´ve just talked to for a couple of hours has said this to me. To be frank, I can’t really remember when before that had I heard those words. I remember when I was told the exact opposite, of course, but this… This even I couldn’t tell myself for a very long time.

It seems like a funny little thing to say to anybody whom you’ve just met, yet people here pronounce it…

Katya S.

Blame nobody. Expect nothing. Do something.

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