Katie Jones has a decade of experience in content strategy for mission-driven organizations: a public radio show, an order of nuns, a housing nonprofit, and a university. She is currently the brand manager at Loyola Marymount University. Katie came to UC Irvine’s MHCID program to learn the fundamentals of user-centered design and to incorporate user research methods into her work. She holds a B.A. in religious studies from Pomona College.

Do you have a favorite piece of media (book, music, film, app, website, etc) that has been influential in your life as a professional? And if so, how? Steve Krug’s…

This face-to-face mini-sprint kickstarted our remote team’s design project

We’re jammin’.

For many of us in UC Irvine’s Master of Human-Computer Interaction & Design program, a centerpiece of the experience is the capstone project, a group design project for a real-world client. My team has been working with a Fortune Global 500 consulting firm on innovation in the wine space, with about 10 weeks to research and 10 weeks to design. MHCID is a low-residency program, so our capstone collaboration all happens via video scrum meetings and lots of chatting on Slack.

After 10 weeks of research, the team was ready to come up with ideas to design. But we had…

Katie Jones

Content strategy | Brand | UX | Higher Ed

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