On the way to class today I passed by two characters,

1. who was a rather stodgy white man, late 60’s perhaps. Walked while rubbing his elbows (sore joints, arthritis?). Saggy Levi’s of a pale baby blue & prescription safety eyeglasses. Then, bright crimson red long-sleeve shirt with the following logo. I really hope you can imagine this because this was the raddest flippin’ tee I ever did see.

So you know how the pi symbol looks like right, with a little squiggly ~ atop two stubs like this: π. Well instead of two stubs, this re-glorified pi had not two, not four or six, but eight lil nubs below the ~. Then, in big blocky font (think Futura Heavy Oblique of that brand Supreme) below the beautifully exotic eight-legged pi, the following text: O C T O P I .

Seen two days later, trudging along the same path, wearing the same shirt, same jeans. Rad-level: 11/10.

2. who was skateboarding past the History Corner, cherry Ray Bans, neon green sweatband, “Party with Trees” bro-tank, carrying avocados in a bindle.

Seen two days later, sans sunglasses, with neon orange sweatband, white Nike Stanford Men’s Basketball tee, still transporting a little meshed bag of avocados on a stick.

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