Mud Band-Aids

When I was a kid I mommied everyone. I mommied my twin brother, I mommied my younger sister, I mommied my friends, I even tried to mommy adults.

In my effort to mommy everyone I came in contact with, my siblings and I came up with a killer idea: mud Band-Aids. This revolutionary idea meant that we didn’t have to stop and go inside to get patched up if we got hurt. We’d just make some mud, whether that be with water, spit, any other miscellaneous liquid, and put it on whatever was hurt. Sanitary, I know. We really felt like this helped though. We believed it in our bones, so it didn’t matter if it was unsanitary, after all, God made dirt and surely dirt can’t hurt, can it? (I don’t know…the jury is still out.)

Not only did this idea of mud Band-Aids mean we didn’t have to go inside to get any sort of correct medical attention, but it also meant that my need to mommy was needed. I was able to take care of my brother and sister, my best friend, and the other neighborhood children.

The ability to take care of people has always lit my soul on fire. I am deeply passionate about caring for others. Just like God is for us, except a million times more.

Our Heavenly Father loves us with a deep passion. The kind of passion that sends His son down to become fully man while still being fully God, knowing full and well that He would have to endure great pain and suffering at the cross to heal us. Mud Band-Aids may cure our outsides but it does nothing for our hearts, or our salvation. We are saved by Grace, we are healed by Love, and we are made new by the blood of Jesus Christ. The kind of mud Band-Aids Jesus can offer are not made by spit and dirt, but by His blood, a lot of unrelenting love, and abounding grace. His Band-Aids heal deep into our hearts minds and souls.

As a kid, when it came to those mud Band-Aids, my siblings and I as well as other children we roped into our craziness, believed in the magical healing of the mud. If we can believe in something so strongly, like mud and its magical healing properties, why can’t we as Christians believe in the truly magical healing powers of The Lord? What is stopping us? Why can’t we just give a wound over and lay it at the feet of Jesus and back off so He can do what He does best? When we have physical wounds, we patch them up, whether that be with mud or with real medical grade Band-Aids (how boring), and then we stop touching it. We stop thinking that we know what is best for that wound. We don’t put a Band-Aid on then doubt the Band-Aids abilities. We don’t go to the doctor then doubt the doctor’s abilities, or the cast’s abilities, or the medicine’s abilities, so why do we go to the feet of Jesus with the intent to usher in healing, grace, and love for ourselves, but we doubt His healing abilities? We poke the wound and we try to take back the hurt so we can deal with it.

James 1:5–8 tells us that our Father loves to help us. When we need Him and His divine help we just have to pray and ask for it and it will be given to us. It tells us to ask boldly and courageously undoubting in His power. It goes on to tell us that if we doubt we are like a “wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind” (v.6). I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a wave of the sea. I don’t want to be driven and tossed by the wind. I also know that more often than not, I accidently catch myself being exactly that. I ask Jesus for things, but I doubt in His ability to handle it, or I may believe but I doubt in His ability to take care of it in a timely manner (because, you know, I think I know what is best). Verse seven says that the person who asks in doubting will not receive anything. Knowing that, why do I still doubt? Why do I still stand in God’s way? Why do I try to give up my rights to my problems one second, then try to take it back the next? I really don’t think I’m the only one who does this either.

Our Heavenly Father wants to take care of us. He wants to heal us. He wants to help us. Let’s aim to give our hurts and anxieties to Jesus, to stop touching our wounds, step back, and entrust them fully, because He really does know better than us and He really will take much better care of us than we ever could.

The real magical healing powers don’t lie in mud Band-Aids, but in the divine healing powers of the blood of Christ.

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