Illustration of ABBA by Morgane Fadanelli.

Okay, so I know I said my Top 100 wouldn’t include compilation albums. I just feel so guilty about not including some of my favourite artists in the list — so, here we are. This is my first go at writing these mini-reviews, so I hope they’re not too horrible. Please let me know what you think!

Before we launch into my official Top 15, I’d like to present an honourable mention: Pat Benatar’s Best Shots (US Edition, 1989).

Illustration by Tiago Galo for Flipboard, 2018.

Apparently, I love Top Album lists, and so does the Internet. It’s been super interesting to pick through various articles as I compile my personal list of Top 100 Albums of All Time. Here are some of my favourite lists from around the web!

Pitchfork’s People’s List: In 2011, Pitchfork completed a readers’ poll to determine the top 200 albums from the online magazine’s first 15 years. One of the things I love about this list is the way they broke down the results by age, gender, genre, and year — as a data nerd, it’s really interesting to see…

Illustration by Cecelia Hotzler, 2017.

Oh boy. What am I getting myself into.

A friend of mine put together a beautiful list of his Top 100 Albums a few years ago, which I recently discovered. In reading his list, I found that I agreed with many of his choices, and passionately disagreed with others. I discovered albums that, based on his reviews, I wanted to check out. I remembered brilliant albums that I hadn’t listened to in years. I also became utterly preoccupied with creating a list of my own.

Now, I’ve come across a few struggles in my journey to create a list of…

Katie O'Brien

Community worker, poet, and Netflix enthusiast living and working in Mohkínstsis (Calgary). They/them.

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