Project Description:

We were assigned a set of text to be copied exactly, and various restricted design elements to be applied to the text. We were not allowed to do anything more than change the one element specified, and given two specific font families to use: Univers and Frutiger. Below are my iterations.

Note: unfortunately for the first four elements, I was unable to find either font families, so I had to use Acumin.

1. stroke weight
2. line spacing
3. two flush margins
4. three flush margins
5. color and everything before
6. size change and stroke weights
7. images

I got really caught up in the whole “couch” thing, and created more whimsical and daytime like posters. Vicki told me to explore more actual photos, and less literal imagery. Also play with darker colors to convey evening/night time mood, since the event takes place at 7 pm.

7. more images

I played with some more colors, and layouts (veered away from my initial layout), as well as incorporating some real photos from the website. I also added texture to the page to try to replicate the vintage feel from the actual studio. Still, the imagery was very literal, which became an issue.

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