growing and monetizing your app using twitter

notes from a session at #TwitterFlight

  • John Egan, Director of Channel Partnerships at MoPub/Twitter
  • Asher Vollman, creator of Threes
  • Ashley Higgins, mobile growth and partnerships at Reddit
  • Brian Kealer, developer at Glu Mobile

This session focused on building, growing, and monetizing (using Twitter).

You can distribute an app organically or using paid user acquisition through Twitter:

  • what ad formats do you want to run?
  • sell ads directly
  • work with multiple ad networks
  • realtime hitting exchange

They looked at the lifecycles of top 10 apps to better understand the traffic patterns and performance:

Key takeaway here was to plan for monetizing your audience before you launch — as success can come quickly and may not stay that long. Good to capture surge of traffic after launch.

Ashley from Reddit echoed this — “The earlier you can plan on the distribution and monetization side, the better things will be, you have time to fine tune and optimize the experience for your users.”

Stray notes—

  • Consider ads part of the experience, respect the user
  • One approach is to segment ads in games based on in-app behavior (i.e. not until you finish a certain level)
  • Main thing was making ads respectful, and weave content and ads together in a good way

Overall, felt like pretty basic stuff. Wish they touched more on different revenue models apart from advertising (like the marketplace).

And I guess it’s only fitting that a session on advertising and monetization felt like one giant ad for Twitter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯