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Don’t imagine for a minute that your sexual potency can be summed up in a finite measure of hard inches.

Come on. That limited appraisal is appropriate for a dildo.

A dildo has no animating force so it’s functional potential can absolutely be established solely based on it’s physical dimensions.

But a cock? The body is so much more than flesh and blood, and the sex organs are no different. The cock is a living expression of a man’s masculine power. This can never be defined and evaluated purely based on length and girth.

The cock has spirit.

Well it…

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Coffee is an antidepressant. Antidepressants help us lie to ourselves about reality. They help us avoid emotions and sensations we’d prefer not to feel.

Coffee helps give us appealing false impressions. It gifts a feeling of energy and alertness when we’re flat. It lifts the spirits and can bring happiness where otherwise there might be tedium, overwhelm, emptiness or uncertainty.

Coffee helps make life seem better than it is. It’s a drug that assists us to carry on without properly taking stock of our situation. It helps us cheat ourselves from knowing our inner truth.

There are two things that…

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I have this disturbing response to rape scenes in movies.

There’s part of me that recoils in horror but there’s also another part of me that’s alarmingly captivated. Turned on? Aroused? I’m not quite sure if I can use such affirming words to describe the undercurrent of feeling. Perhaps it’s true but it seems too perverse and it plagues my mind.

I have a theory.

Rape fantasies are experienced by somewhere around half of women. One line of reasoning explains that the notion of being forced into sex allows a woman freedom from any guilt or shame that might otherwise…

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I opened my eyes to see a naked man staring at me.

I’d been soaking in the summer sun on one of my favourite stretches of beach. I love the privacy of tucking myself into a discreet spot in the sand dunes where sea grasses obscure me from the view of the occasional beach walker.

But obviously not from this guy!

There he was lurking on a high sand dune not more than 10 meters away. I was furious. I was the only person lying on the beach for as far as I could see, and there he was right…

I completely lost my writing rhythm in November because my dad nearly died in a bad car accident.

He’d been out bush on a five day cycling and camping adventure with 6 mates (all upwards of 75yrs). They were heading home on the last day and had a head on with a 4WD on an isolated stretch of country road. The driver in the other vehicle only suffered a broken ankle but the car dad was in crumpled around the four occupants like tin foil. …

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Recently I told a dear friend that I thought he should break up with his girlfriend. I spoke with a lot of love and care but he was offended and reacted strongly. So much so that he doesn’t speak to me anymore.

There’s a lot to be learned from the way we react to certain things people say. Our emotional reaction can actually be a good way to assess whether their words are true or false — irrespective of the immediate thoughts we may have.

If we’re not stirred at all emotionally, then there might not be much that warrants…

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At the beginning of this year, I began adhering to a very precise dietary protocol, prescribed via detailed kinesiology testing. I’m currently on the 17th iteration. It’s not always what you’d expect.

On Monday I followed the rules of my new protocol and had ice-cream before lunch.

Two scoops in a cup.

Chocolate and caramel, I think it was. Actually, I’m not completely sure because ice-cream has begun to feature more and more often in my strict eating plan and my memory for the correct flavour is now blurred by the choc mint and honeycomb that I had earlier today!

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I know I have been.

Actually I often still am.

Well, perhaps not really shy of God but shy of how others will view me if I declare a committed relationship.

I’ve behaved as if with one of those lovers that you don’t actually want to introduce to your friends or to be a part of your social life. One of those people that you just feel inclined to keep hidden away.

But why am I concerned about the full disclosure of this relationship with God? What am I embarrassed about? Or worried about it saying about me?

For starters…

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I love probing questions!

Both offering them and receiving them.

I recently traveled overseas with a friend who commented on how much I questioned the people we met along the way. He was actually offended by it. They weren’t particularly personal questions but he felt it was intrusive. But actually I find that people generally love it and are eager to answer. After all, for most of us, the one thing we love to talk about the most tends to be ourselves! …

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Last year I found myself in a relationship with an extremely wealthy man. He calls himself an alpha-alpha male. Double alpha. Leader of leaders. And that’s the way it genuinely seems to him.

Katie Austin

Holistic Life Coach and Healer — for those rebellious, tactile and spirited souls who feel compelled to live large.

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