How to comfort a child in pain: the days of “suck it up” are over.

Telling kids to “suck it up” and “be brave” is out…

Telling kids “I hear you and I’m with you” is in.

Here’s why:

Some of us may have grown up with the narrative that being “tough” and “brave” were good indications of our mental and physical strength.

The problem with this is it creates a narrative for the child that they shouldn’t feel what they are feeling. Or even worse, that what they are feeling is wrong.

Although many adults have good intentions when they tell the kids in their life that they are “ok,” let’s change the narrative from trying to “fix” pain and, instead, help kids “manage” their pain.

When kids and teens feel heard and understood, they learn to trust themselves.

“It makes so much sense that you’re feeling this way” is the new “suck it up.”

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