My rubber duck charts a course

Confused? Read on — honest.

My rubber duck is not fully formed so I’m starting to write it down. It’s about:

  • not just quietly raging about some of things which annoy and upset me.
  • a desire to help my adopted home city of Sheffield improve and grow - particularly in the digital sector.
  • wanting to support organisations/charities which use technology when reaching out and impacting on the lives and life chances of people.
  • sharing and applying the knowledge I’ve gained from working through my mental health challenges.

As my destination is unknown I’m going to regularly chart a course and see where it leads me. It includes:

  • Being a co-host of Agile Sheffield and aiming to make sure people feel welcomed to ask questions, share experiences and develop expertise.
  • Discussing ideas about how different meetups can learn from each other, be inclusive and potentially raise the profile of digital skills and activities across the city.
  • Attending Sheffield’s 1st Annual Digital Conference. I’m hoping to find out about activities and organisations which I could get involved with.
  • Following up with all the people I met at the Google Digital Garage ‘Women in Tech’ Sheffield event a couple of weeks ago. It identified a few things I could do.
  • Thinking out loud regularly on here and blogging after all the events/meetups I attend. I’m behind on this even though I’m trying to under-commit.
  • Continuing to read and listen to all things agile, digital, Sheffield and mental health (yeah, that list needs a few boundaries or I’ll never leave the house).
  • Attending Sheffield’s geekbrekky as often as I can.

It’s not a complete list and gives a good overview. If this fits with anything you’re doing or would like to do - it’d be great to know more.

And finally — my rubber duck? Via Twitter, I came across ‘Cracking Big Rocks’ and my first few cards got me writing this. I’m going to keep shuffling the deck and watching where my rubber duck floats next.

Not quite ‘Play Your Cards Right’.