Weeknotes #18 — Ducks.

Not just one duck now but lots of ducks.

You learn nothing by doing nothing’

That was a theme this week closely followed by, ‘nothing changes unless something changes’. Please — can we try to change something small?! That and me getting ranty at Ben Broadbent (fortunately for him — not directly) being a bloody fool with his menopause comment.

Have a cuppa. Have a pause. Have a weeknote.

Reading this from Cate McLaurin was a timely reminder — and applies to remembering it for other people too….

Pasted from the article

…though it may be you think you don’t have to change. It’s just that everyone else is in the wrong. Note: Yes ;o) I’ve got to keep a balance between supporting people at their own pace whilst helping ensure it doesn’t become ‘no pace’ at all? The good ole fear of uncertainty and unknowns can often turn into active resistance where nothing changes, and even worse, no-one learns. I want to test and learn even the smallest thing but what I view as low-risk or nearly immaterial can be scary for someone else — and vice versa.

Having said that, it’s not fear which is the problem — it’s the reaction to it.

Twitter as a conference learning tool

It was agile Manchester recently as I didn’t go I viewed later via Twitter — courtesy of James Gregory. He provided lots of great threads for each session and this one about creating the right environment is key at the moment for me:

Cheers again James.

Partly cos of my ranty week I made sure I spent time reading weeknotes as I’d gotten behind. I can’t share much about my paid/9–5 work and appreciate others who do. My joint prize goes to Scribe for Weeknotes 07x03: GDPR. Development. Personal. Reviews and Weeknotes 07x04: In and out the dusty Jigglypuffs.

Weeknotes 07x03 had no gifs.

They told me about his working week, with a nod to family and personal reflections, including,

Errors are the best way to learn, but not always good for the whole. How does a manager know when to let mistakes happen, and when to step in and stop them? (The risk of “micromanagement” comes up, but rarely gets mentioned in the context of “a series of small errors adds up to systemic catastrophe”.)’

That last sentence has also got me thinking about theory and practice. I’ve now got another rabbit hole to go down — colliding agile and systems thinking together more….

And that is what weeknotes are for me. I read things which feel honest, set in real life, intelligent, potentially sometimes mistaken (surely not!), will help me and often send me into another wonderland for a while.


Scribe includes a lovely ‘Pondwatch’ but I got a bit stressy on Twitter about him saying, ‘ducks having a right old barney with each other. Didn’t know whether to break it up or what’. That is the sort of thing to keep me awake at night.

Bear with me now — but this reminded me of something I wrote before the encouragement from Neil Tamplin got me joining in with weeknotes. I wrote about finding my rubber duck. Since then my rubber duck has been charting her course and has found some ducks to swim with. That is a good thing and all the writing and reading on here are part of that. It’s about being with people who are your advocates, who you can learn from, who will laugh at your cheesy jokes and appreciate that perfection is not required.

Sing along now.

#Blabchat and other stories

I’ve not managed to take part in #blabchat yet and it’s a quality read afterwards. This from Dyfrig Williams is like a Twitter Moment (but better) with a dash of weeknote-like personal reflection. No spoilers — just go read it.

Other Sheffielders are trialling weeknotes (yay to Sheffield Digital) and it’ll be interesting to see whether other people local to me find them useful.

And finally….

Sheffield has a new Lord Mayor.

Whilst the above tweet is damned great, I’m gonna end with something he said previously….

You, your thoughts and time are precious. Treat them as such.

P.S. Hint, hint…

If you think you may work in ‘tech’ or would like to — that’ll do just fine next Tuesday ;o)