Day 4: The Experiment

Try to imagine a world with no genders, or a world ran by virtual reality, or a world where animal brains evolve to the level of humans. It’s hard to imagine, but that’s the challenge. That’s my challenge.

I am a writer. Professionally, I am a copywriter for websites, marketing, blogs, and textbooks. And I also write fantasy and sci-fi as a hobby. I love writing like I love breathing. Both keep me sane and alive.

I’m calling this The Experiment for two reasons. First, as I’ve written about before, I suffer with being busy and project follow-through. So this is a personal experiment to see if I can break through the walls of work and excuses to consistently write quality stuff.

Second, it’s an experiment for both of us. You see, I want you to send me your challenges. Send me a challenge to write about anything that you can’t imagine, whether it be something dramatic like AI or something simple (but devastating) like a world without cats. I’ll take your challenge and return a short story, a lab, where I experiment with your challenge. I’ll give you a taste of the world you were wondering about.

In exchange, I hope you’ll enjoy what I write for you. And I hope you’ll share it, so others can send me their challenges and continue the experiment.

So now, all you have to do is send me a challenge, to my Facebook, Instagram, or as a comment on this post. The more creative and impossible to imagine, the better. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your challenges!

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