Remember your First Love… Write.

Those moments when the blinking cursor taunts you, the conversation your characters are having stalls…waits…for days, weeks, hangs in the balance while your mind stalls…waits…for days, weeks… And before you know it, the conversation is forgotten and you don’t know where you left off, what happened before, or what’s about to happen.

Your characters frozen in time, their lives waiting on you to get yours together. Meanwhile, your mind swirls and buzzes in your own life — forgetting theirs — forgetting your first love. The bills pile up, the doctors don’t know, and your own life hangs in the balance and theirs is now completely forgotten.

Until your editor e-mails you. “Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

Reasons flood your mind. Why did I forget them? Why have I left that Word document sit for ages, untouched after I missed that last deadline? Intensive outpatient therapy…grief…new school for my daughter, new job for me, anxiety… so much anxiety…too many excuses now not good enough.

My characters matter. Dammit, writing was my first love. I fell in love with it in kindergarten for goodness’ sake.

Quit writing to yourself, write for yourself. Write your first love.

In Kindergarten it was Jenny, Nick, and Michael. Now it’s Carrie and Asa. They matter. They exist, not only in my mind, but on paper, in my readers’ minds eventually, but not if I just let them sit, stagnant, forgotten, given up on.

I won’t give up. I can’t give up. Not on my first love. Not on them. Not on myself.

I opened the Word document. I’m listening to my writing playlist.

Can I do this?

For once, I have the time. For once, I have the presence of mind.

Don’t give up.

Remember your first love.

And write.