Gain altitude to gain perspective.

It is not always about chasing a grade or having an epic day.

Being exposed on a granite face, hanging by threads and metal, nowhere to go, the only way out is through your own strength, power, and will.

This is where you find yourself.

The exposure makes you feel naked, but only to yourself. The opportunity alone, hanging from the anchor, forces you to take in the view.

Appreciate it.

You are so small, making your problems smaller.

Ex-lovers and unfulfilling days at work are trite. Distant memories tumbling off like rock fall into the blazing afternoon breeze.

Sometimes the best days are not the most mental or physical. Sometimes the best days offer moments of clarity while contemplating over beautiful vistas.

The sun sets among the thick smoke, ridgelines fuzzy in the distance. Orange orb on fire, giving way to night, incinerating your problems. Rejuvenation offered through the darkness and calm.

Perspective gained.

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