What to Do After a Car Accident?

You were just in a car accident, now what? Regardless of the severity, many drivers experience a state of shock right after a car accident. There are a million things to remember to do, but so many draw a blank when it a car accident actually happens. To alleviate the pressure of memorizing all of the steps, here are some simple reminders and tips for handling the aftermath.

1. Remain calm. It is also important to never admit fault for a car accident. By doing so, you are legally admitting to the accident, which opens up the potential for lawsuits or other penalties. Apologizing can even get you in a legal bind, so be cautious with your word choice.

2. Stay at the scene. Whether you have been in a minor fender bender or were involved in a major collision, leaving the scene of a car accident is committing a crime. Regardless of the severity, you must always stop if you have been involved in a car accident.

3. Check on everyone in the car. Before assessing your car’s damage from the accident, make sure everyone involved is okay. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, get to a location that is safe and off the road. Don’t try to move your motorcycle. Seek immediate medical attention for any members who have suffered from injuries and be mindful of your physical injuries as well as your mobility and stiffness.

4. Call the police. It is very important to call the police, so the accident is reported and documented in their files. This is especially crucial if you suffer from injuries that may not show symptoms until later.

5. Exchange information. Below is the basic information you will need to get from all drivers involved. While talking to other drivers, be cordial and cooperative.

· Drivers’ Names
· Drivers’ phone numbers
· Drivers’ addresses
· Drivers’ license numbers & License plate numbers
· Basic insurance information from all drivers (carrier and policy number)

6. Document-Take pictures and take detailed notes of anything affected by the accident including the car, any property damaged, and physical damage. Also take note on where the accident took place. Write down the cross roads and take pictures of the location.

7. Call you insurance company. Call your insurance company to let them know you have been in an accident and report the details. Be very clear when explaining the facts, as all of this information is documented.

8. Seek Medical Attention. If you suffer major injuries, you should see medical attention immediately following the accident. However, most people who feel stiff or sore tend to go about their usual daily activities. Some symptoms of serious injuries don’t show up for days, sometimes weeks. Be smart, and visit your doctor after the accident to receieve the proper care you need.

9. Call a lawyer. If anyone has been injured in the accident, it is best to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer. A lawyer can help you maximize compensation for your accident, if you were injured, or aid to your defense if you are at fault.

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