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Katie Bauer
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I’m very new to Medium and haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Honestly I have some kind of battle in my head every time I think about it. “Should I be investing my time here? Where no one sees my writing? Or should I just stick to my blog?”

Yeah, no one sees what I’m writing, so it really doesn’t matter what I write here.

So far on Medium, I’m super thrown off by the quantity of “how to” articles I come across. “How to make money on Medium” and “How to get more followers” and “How to make money as a writer” and “How I grew my Medium following.” Or my favorites: “5 secrets no one told me about writing” and “10 things you won’t like about be a writer.”

I feel like we’re all circle jerking each other — all wanting to make money through the partner program, so all putting out click-baity articles on how to do that. Then all us Desperates read those articles to figure it out, and all the how-to writers make money off us.

We fell for it. I fell for it.

I know that there is more on Medium, but this seems like the biggest category. Tips and tricks and how to start businesses and how to be a writer and how to make a successful startup. More, more, more. Let’s work, work, work. You gotta be an entrepreneur, ok? You gotta be tough and work hard!

It came to a point where I had to stop reading things on here. I was so discouraged and depressed. Is this how you make a living as a writer? Writing about how to be a writer? Selling classes on how to be a writer?

I love writing so much. But I hate that. It doesn’t seem like writing. It seems like telling and tricking.

What do I know? I’m nobody. I have 9 followers here.

Katie Bauer

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Writer and photographer based in Brooklyn. When shopping for pants, the word “crop” is a turn off for me. In other words, I’m tall.

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