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BRAVO! My mother was paralyzed nine years ago by a single dose flu shot, not the three dose in one shots given today. She was 65 years old and healthy. Now she is permanently paralyzed, unable to move her arms, legs, torso or neck and she is blind. All confirmed from the flu shot.

The neurologists at Yale said that they see these reactions all the time but they are hardly ever reported. I have been volunteering to help afflicted people since then and educating myself and I know that these reactions aren’t rare at all and they are increasing. I am a medical intuitive and have been a Licensed Counselor for 30 years and I’m writing a book about my experiences as well as what happened to my mom. I just signed with an agent. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

A video was made about what happened to my mom by the NVIC and

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