How Marie Kundo Is Changing The World

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash
“I love mess!”

What a weird thing for a cleaning consultant to say. Except, Marie Kundo, author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, isn’t just a cleaning consultant.

She, in a few words, is a life changer.

I was first introduced to this woman and her method when I read her book upon the request of my mother just a couple of years ago. I was fascinated by her theme. Her theme of joy, and of having only that which you love and truly desire to be in your life.

It applies to the physical, but also to the mental, emotional, and spiritual side of our lives.

Just this month, her cleaning and organizing series released on Netflix and there’s already been a huge response. Why? Because she preaches a message that our “stuff” obsessed culture needs to hear.

Her Netflix series is simply a series of episodes of her going into different homes and helping the families inside to get rid of the clutter and bring in the clarity. She guides them through her process of cleaning, purging, and eliminating mess and unnecessary items from your life.

While it isn’t necessary to watch the entire series to gain the message, watching her process is fascinating. She says that she loves the mess — because she knows that getting rid of it, fixing the true root of the problem, the unnecessary, will help the families she services to gain happiness, joy, peace of mind, and a much higher quality of living and thought.

She teaches something we need to remember.

Our things, our clothes, our toys, our stuff, will not bring us joy. It can’t fix our problems. A common theme of minimalism and essentialism that has always stuck with me is that when you eliminate the mess from your life, you’re left with a fairly empty space — which, naturally, forces you to confront that which you can’t see.

We cover up our problems with stuff.

Marie Kundo, through her blog, her series, her book, and her message, teaches that we don’t have to do that anymore. And, while painful thoughts, feelings and musings hide under our belongings — there’s something else that hides under the demons as well.


Only when we get through our clutter can we have clarity, peace of mind and joy because we see what is most important. Joy because you looked at the area of the world that you occupy and you made it your own. You honed it down to what you need, want, and what makes you happy.

Her theme is simple.

There are many things in the world that you cannot control. However, peace of mind, clarity, real joy and happiness can be achieved and can only be achieved through securing and managing that which you can control. One of the first links on her blog that appears is one that guides you through imagining your ideal lifestyle.

When you control what you can control, all that you have no agency over becomes much less stressful. When we take agency over our lives, we take agency over ourselves, our space, and make our mark on the world — a mark that is well catered, thought out, and true to us.

Marie Kundo is changing our lives, because she’s showing us what is most important and vital to having a happy, successful, and amazing existence.

Love, Katie (and Marie)